Tuesday, September 20, 2016

The Whale and the Squid

When we are frustrated with a press that has difficulty understanding the importance of context and proportion in political reporting, we can ask ourselves "What if?". What would happen to reporting if one candidate had all of the hallmarks of a fascistic dictator and the other candidate appeared to be uniquely qualified by intellect and experience? An objective researcher would study each person separately and report on the person's experience and background, personal qualities,and the validity of their claims regarding policy in detail.

Now, I am not saying that Trump is fascistic and Clinton is uniquely qualified. I am saying that if that were the case, the press would never reach that conclusion.

When you and I look at the two photos, we see obvious similarities and differences immediately. When we study the detail, we see more of each. The press presumes similarities. That is what fair and balanced is all about. The result is slanted reporting, whether or not that is the original intention.

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