Friday, September 2, 2016

Doubling Down

In the latest example of reporters doing only what they know how to do -  How Hillary Clinton helped create what she later called a 'vast right wing conspiracy' in  the Washington Post tells us what we could have guessed. You see, it's all her fault. If she had just been open about Whitewater at the beginning, it would have passed quickly and there would be none of these endless investigations. Oh, and this was really her decision, even though Bill, as president, was the decisionmaker. You see, you could tell by Bill's delivery that it was really Hillary talking.

Here we are - more emails. FBI releases Hillary Clinton email investigation documents.

WaPo even doubles down with a guide targeted to Millennials who missed those Clinton scandals that we are all supposed to remain obsessed about if we are "fair and balanced".  Those poor millennials need to understand that they should be less concerned about their future and more concerned about our past.

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