Key Takeaways

-When conservative Republicans shut down the government (or worse) only while the President is a Democrat, citizens know they can avoid the pain and anguish of dysfuncion by electing a Republican President who will not trigger this response from either Republicans or the more compliant Democrats in Congress.

-When Democratic Presidential candidates debate, the discussion will revolve around policy points as supported by facts.
-When Republican Presidential candidates debate, the discussion will tend to avoid policy details and more often revolve around strongly stated claims about how good the candidate is and what a disaster the Democratic President has been, or how bad the Democratic Presidential front-runner is.
-When the President is a Democrat, Republicans in Congress and other conservative Republicans will launch a major effort to delegitimize the President during that person's entire presidency. Without changes in journalistic practice covering these issues, this could occur for most of the 21st century unless demographic changes in the electorate favorable to Democrats ultimately render this tactic ineffective.
-Life is complicated, so complex problems often require complex solutions. All tactics all the time as a strategy requires resistance and even denial of facts leading to a War on Complexity. Evidence in its totality of the War on Complexity are the examples of (1) the inability to agree to any gun/ammunition legislation, (2) immigration reform, climate steps such as cap and trade or international climate agreements,  and (3) other international agreements, such as the Iran treaty.

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