Saturday, January 7, 2017

What You Don't Say

Speaking of context, It's not only what you say that counts, it's what you don't say.

From time to time, I turn to Fox News, as it is called, to watch until something happens that is the hallmark of a propaganda machine. Usually this occurs within minutes. However, shortly before the end of Greta Van Susteren's reign at Fox in September, she had a guest who was billed as an expert in cybersecurity talking about the email hacks of Democrats. The woman (whose name and role I forget) came across as a serious expert whose commentary was not tilted in any particular direction. After discussing the Democrats for some time, Van Susteren asked about the Republicans. The guest said that we can assume that the Republicans have been hacked, too. Van Susteren hesitated, but then asked no follow up about the Republicans and closed out the interview.
The obvious followup question from Van Susteren would have been, "Is there any reason that the Russians have not shared the emails of the Republicans?" But the answer to that question might have veered into "politics" because the obvious conclusion would be that Russia preferred a Trump win, which would have favored one party over another, and we know how Fox News tries so hard to avoid any hint of such bias.

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