Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Spicer Grills

Today's lie, the Big Lie, serves several purposes. The lie that claims HRC did not win the popular vote in the U. S.
1. Attack the Democrats where they are strong. Make a strength into a weakness. Democratic strategists have been latching on to "The Minority President" as a theme and meme for the coming resistance. The idea is that the difference in policy post-Nov. 8th between a Trump and Clinton presidency is like night and day on every single issue. Therefore, in a real sense,  we have minority rule in the U.S. and must not forget that. American government is putting new policies into place that are opposed by a majority.
2. Restrict voting rights. In order to maintain power, Republicans will double down on the "voter fraud" pretext and put even more restrictive voting rules in place for 2018 and 2020 using today's false claim as a cover.
3. Establish supreme power of the White House to define reality. Lest we forget, the White House briefing is now the province of the Ministry of Truth. "We decide, you report what we say." We do not care about the truth. We are all about power. You who care about the truth are all weak. These are the alt-facts of the alt-right.
Every Big Lie has a paradoxical element. The Lie is a falsehood, which means there must be some associated statement which, if true would raise other issues that should not be ignored.
If millions voted illegally, don't they need to be prosecuted? (If there were millions, we should be able to find them.) Also, if millions voted illegally, does that not call into question the election that resulted in a President Trump? No, we are told, the electoral college picked Trump, so it is all good. Uhm, but that makes no sense without further elaboration. Sorry, we need to move on.

We also get some of the statement shaving that liars do, the vagueness, as always. "Millions voted illegally" occasionally morphs into "Millions could have voted illegally". Does a good journalist go after "could have voted?"  or "did vote"? It does not matter. The damage is done. The true believers have heard all they need.

Of course, no credible evidence was presented. Evidence was mentioned which has been debunked, but here we go again, into fact-checking mode, which is really besides the point, per #3 above.

Sean Spicer lies when he wants and expects to be able to lie with impunity as a servant of Trump. Nothing could be more similar to Soviet era propaganda.

The lying will catch up to this cabal, but the cabal will not go lightly. We will see more marches and greater division, but make no mistake about it, The division is not Republican vs. Democrat. The division is between the emerging regime and the people. The groups happen to be housed in the two parties for the moment, but that is a balance of power that is unstable and can not persist in a democracy. Either the liars tumble down or the democracy falls.

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