Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Don

On his blog, Mark Cuban shares his takeaways from the election following his open support of Hillary Clinton. He criticizes the MSM, but his perception of the MSM failings differs some from those expressed on this blog.
One of his "guesses: is intriguing:
"My guess is that all the meetings with non-supporters are` “kiss the ring and kiss my ass meetings” and not true job interviews. Yes, there will be an exception or two. Or at least ones that look like they are a hiring of someone who didn’t support President Elect Trump’s campaign. But the reality of the situation is that it’s not about hiring those folks.  They give the President Elect and his organization the chance to say “see, I was open minded. I talked to everyone. Whether I agreed with them or not. But even when  you try to  take the establishment out of the Swamp, you can’t take the swamp out of the establishment."
Romney's visit to discuss the secretary of state position comes to mind.  The NeverTrump movement pulled out all the stops with Romney's passionate speech denouncing the leading Republican candidate this summer. Does anyone doubt that this "come to meet with the Don" is designed to humiliate Romney when he is passed over for the job, as revenge for that speech? But there is an additional ulterior motive. Dissing Romney puts him in the offended category. If Romney later criticizes DT for his actions as president, or for conflicts of interest with his businesses, DT will say that Romney is just a disgruntled office seeker who is being vindictive.
There it is again - the tactic that just keeps giving. Accuse your opponents of doing the thing that you are doing. In this case, acting out of vindictiveness. (Tactic #11)

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