Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hanging Chads and All

Phil Musser appeared on CNBC this morning to represent the Republican side in an exchange of politicos about the election and the aftermath. Musser has a long history in Republican politics having worked for the 1996 Dole advance team, 2000 Bush advance team, GWB White House, 2007 Romney campaign, and so on. Musser expressed concerns about the potential for a close vote in Ohio saying something to the effect:
If there is any uncertainty  about the outcome in Ohio or any uncertainty at all, the consequences of an angry population can be very shocking, very severe.

Many pundits are saying this, but Musser went on:
"You're talking to someone who was banging on the door [makes banging hand motion], hanging chads and all in the 2000 Florida recount."
source: salon.com
Wait a second. What is he saying? We need to fear an angry backlash of regular citizens upset about a Trump loss because we witnessed a staged "Brooks Brothers riot" in 2000 of hired Bush political operatives, mostly the regular staff, who were sent to Palm Beach in a swarm to launch what news media eagerly described as a citizen's protest against the recount. But then, in a way,  he's right. The reason we need to fear is that in 2000, the drummed up anger could be contained to a staged riot by hired hands. But this year, the Republican establishment has lost control of the process and handed it to DT who has upped the ante on drumming up angry protest with threats of violence.

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