Friday, December 30, 2016

Heaven or Hell - You Decide

Suppose you woke up one day and you were given a choice of two options - a jaunt through Heaven led by tour guide Monte or a walk through Hell with Maurice. Would you say - quick, tell me more about Monte and Maurice so I can make an informed choice. Will Monte wear purple shorts? Will Maurice speak with an Australian accent. No, of course not. You are familiar with the concepts of Heaven and Hell and choose based on your understanding of those two. The tour guide is pretty much incidental.
Yet, in our presidential election, the mainstream media ignored the stark difference between the policy choices-diametrically opposite across the board-between Trump and Clinton. No matter who you prefer, no matter why - this is crazy. If you just voted for someone whose policy is contrary to your interests, if you are already beginning to regret your vote, then this is a time for some soul searching.

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