Tuesday, August 9, 2016

When All Else Fails

Today I decided to google "Hillary Clinton" thinking that I sure have seen a lot of questioning about her health lately. Interesting that this heightened concern about the health of the candidate coincides with dropping poll numbers for Donald Trump. Sure enough, the four Google suggestions in order were-
hillary clinton news
hillary clinton age
hillary clinton seizures
hillary clinton tax plan

Now, you may have noticed that "age" pops up in internet searches for almost any living person just as "news" does for any person who is frequently in the news. That "seizures" ranks just after these two is interesting, which tells us that the emerging questions about HRC health are trending in a big way.

Of course, in a week that Donald Trump's mental fitness and preparedness has been called into question, the logical counterpunch is to double down on the question of Hillary Clinton's mental and physical fitness, at least in the environment of all tactics all the time. The more the Trump campaign falters with defections from Republican officeholders, the more extreme we can expect that campaign's tactics to become between now and November. Unfortunately, we can also expect the legitimate objective press to pick up and run with all the Clinton health questions because that is what they do - even if the allegations dart all over from one health question to another.

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