Saturday, July 2, 2016

Bad Polls is the Answer Or Do Not Use a Hammer as a ScrewDriver

Bad Pols or Bad Polls was the question we posed June 20th regarding the conspiracy theories that some unnamed person or persons were engineering election fraud on Hillary Clinton's behalf throughout the primary process.
Exit Polls, and Why the Primary was not Stolen from Bernie Sanders is the answer from the NYT Upshot Column of June 27.
In other words, do not try to use a tool for a purpose for which it is not designed or if you do, have a good reason and know what you are doing. Exit polls in the U.S. are not designed to detect voter fraud.
Note that the NYT kept silent on the issue and had not run any stories saying there are all kinds of right wing conspiracy theories until there was too much noise to ignore. Innuendo is not their business. Innuendo is Donald Trump's modus operandi. "You know, a lot of people are saying..." or "A lot of people think..."  and similar vague but insinuating phrases are commonly used by Trump as support for his stance on matters of fact. A president can not get away with that. We will see if a presidential candidate can.

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