Thursday, June 23, 2016

The Moral Minority

It just became a moral issue.
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The central tenet of this blog is that tactics effectively become policy for the country when the Republican Party holds power and in the interest of conservative positions never give an inch because if you give them an inch, they ask for two, then three and eventually you gave up a mile. So never give in and hide behind arguments - like the 2nd amendment, that you may or may not believe, but what you truly believe in most strongly is - never give an inch. So that is the policy - do nothing as a policy - no matter what, even if the world keeps changing around you - even if you agree with the one inch or the two inches, but you oppose them for fear of the mile. Gun law may be the most extreme example - never give an inch on any type of weapon that can be called a gun, no matter how destructive, never give an inch on ammunition, on safety clips, and so on.

Sit-ins became a tool in the 1960s for those whose power was much less than those in power. In fact, it was the only thing they could do to effect change - draw attention to the actions of the powerful - just look at them and you will agree that what they are doing is outrageous.
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The Democrats in the House are currently drawing the attention of the country to their powerlessness in the Congress, to the fact that the way Congress works now, they can not influence policy in any meaningful way. Only the people have the power. The people can only exercise this power in the way they vote in November. But that will only happen if more moderate Republicans lose elections for failure to tack toward more moderate positions from time to time. So far in the 2000s, moderate Republicans who fail to vote for the most conservative positions on a consistent basis have been punished at the polls. We will see if 2016 is any different.

This sit-in by House Democrats is only one of many symptoms of a system that is slowly breaking down. Much of the mainstream press is skeptical that this action will accomplish anything. These are the pundits who understand that establishing democracy in countries that have only experienced authoritarian regimes, but fail to understand that restoring a functioning democracy in the U.S. is a long and difficult process.

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