Monday, March 14, 2016

Trump's Secret Weakness

Donald Trump has one weakness that threatens the success of his candidacy. If he has no one on the stage with him to attack he runs out of things to say and quickly becomes an incredibly boring speaker. This was evident the night he skipped the Republican debate televised by Fox News just before the Iowa caucuses. He held his own rally and the monologue was painful.  Jeb Bush proved to be the perfect foil for him throughout the span of televised debates, but when Jeb! dropped out of the race, the Donald was stretching for things to say in his speeches. How many times in one appearance can you say you are going to build a wall? And oh what a wall it"s going to be. When you have only simple answers for complex problems, there is not a lot to say. So, in a way, the spotlight on the potential for violence at the Trump rallies deflects attention from just how boring they are and that maybe, just maybe, he does not have many ideas about just what he would do as president.

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